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Cleveland Browns

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Less than a month after signing with the Cleveland Browns, rookie Ausar Walcott was arrested for attempted murder Tuesday. The 23-year-old linebacker punched a man in the head outside of The Palace Gentlemen’s Club about...


Penn State’s head coach Bill O’Brien is no longer being considered a candidate for a NFL coaching job. O’Brien withdrew his name and says that he wants to stay at Penn State after it was...


Dez Bryant has a hurting heart

November 20, 2012

The Dallas Cowboys came out on top of a 23-20 overtime game Sunday over the Cleveland Browns. So why does wide receiver Dez Bryant have an achey breaky heart? Despite producing some of the best...


NFL roundup: Week 7

October 22, 2012

The Titans win with a last-minute touchdown Final Score: 35-34 Titans Both teams were off to a great start in the first quarter of this game. Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson scored both of...