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Polina Edmunds

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They call Yu Na Kim “the queen” for a reason.  The South Korean skater ruled the ice four years ago in Vancouver, and appears to have no intention of relinquishing her crown.  The skater that took...


  Olympic dreams do come true, although we rarely see “miracles” in the sport of figure skating. The last skater we saw come out of nowhere to win a gold medal was Sarah Hughes, back...


Good night Gracie!

January 12, 2014

Dorothy Hamill, Dick Button and Michelle Kwan were all in the house. I  might say all of them look like they can lace them up and rip off a triple toe with their eyes closed. There is...


Ladies save best for last

January 10, 2014

This time Grace Gold did not crash and burn.  She was as calm, cool and as the music  she skated to. “Piano Concerto.”  Last year at these same U.S. Championships,  Gold resolved into a bundle of...