Tyler Seguin gushes over Aly Raisman

Published On August 17, 2012 | By Arielle Aronson





Aly Raisman is living the dream of any 18-year-old Boston girl right now. Not only did she just win two gold medals and a bronze at the London Olympics, she also has Bruins star Tyler Seguin gushing over her.

Seguin and Raisman have been tweeting back and forth at each other since the US Olympic gymnastics trials, and Seguin (who is two years older than Raisman) seems to have become a big fan of the Needham gymnast. After Raisman won gold in the Olympic team finals, Seguin tweeted:

Raisman thanked Seguin via Twitter and said she is excited to watch Seguin play this season, a message Seguin then retweeted to his followers. On Thursday, Seguin apparently sent Raisman a video, and she again took to Twitter to thank him.

Seguin was in Lowell on Wednesday to do a speed-dating event at the Lowell Spinners game, and the local media took the opportunity to ask him there about the budding relationship between Raisman and him.

A blushing Seguin confessed he was blown away when he saw Raisman had tweeted at him after winning team gold.

“I was with a couple of buddies at my house and just happened to go online after I tweeted at her,” Seguin told BostonBruinsTV.  “She’s tweeting back Barack Obama I think and whoever — Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber. I couldn’t remember everyone. Then I see my little name down there and I was like, well, I’ll get a couple of followers for this one.”

While the Stanley Cup champion and second overall draft pick in the 2010 draft may be acting modest by saying he is not a big name, Raisman does indeed trump Seguin in followers. The Bruins forward has over 177,000 Twitter followers while Raisman’s Olympic performance has catapulted her to over 449,000 Twitter followers and counting.

Seguin said he and Raisman have never met, but it seems Raisman has been a fan of Seguin’s for quite some time. Back in May, Raisman retweeted a tweet saying:

While the Bruins were in the playoffs, Raisman’s Twitter account was full of tweets about the Bruins, many of which were either mentioning Seguin or discussing her nerves (which she said were worse than when she competes).

Now that Seguin and Raisman are at least Twitter acquaintances, it is unclear which athlete is a bigger fan of the other.

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