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About Us

A company that will enhance your sports coverage

She’s Game Sports is a new media company dedicated to sports-loving women around the world. We are here to entertain, serve, empower and inspire women by delivering the “heart of sports” to them each day. She’s Game Sports is home base for women who want to connect with sports “her way,’ with emotion, wit and fun. We strive to awaken the spirit of the inner athlete in all of us.

Our founder, Alice Cook, covered sports for 25 years in one of the biggest and most successful sports markets in America. After surviving the trenches of the locker room early on, Cook discovered that sports are no longer an exclusive men’s club. The female fan became a big part of the sports landscape in both traditional and different ways. Women view sports much in the way they view life — through an emotional lens. Women are interested in the stats, but they’re also interested in the stories. Women want to know the “person” behind the player.

The pink hat is gone, and women are now wearing their true colors – the colors of their favorite teams! We see them filling the stadiums, we see them glued to the TV on a Sunday afternoon in October, we see them cheering, high five-ing after big plays, and shaking their heads after tough losses. We certainly “hear” them too. Women are talking sports at the water cooler, in the carpool lines, around the conference table, at the soccer field, in the grocery store, at the board meeting or cocktail party.

She’s Game Sports is there for these women. Sister to sister, girlfriend to girlfriend, sports fan to sports fan.

It’s our club too!

She’s Game Sports mission statement:

We exist to make an impact on society by empowering women by giving them greater access to the world of sports.

We respect and honor great work; value balance in daily life and treat every interaction as an opportunity to enhance the lives of everyone we touch.

We embrace the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world by supporting and contributing to the lives of others.

We believe that meaningful lives are made through continuous learning, compassion and inspired leadership.

We strive to awaken the spirit of the inner athlete in all of us—and we will do what we love and love what we do.