Dwight Howard has only had one shot…ever

Published On October 23, 2012 | By Jill Saftel

There is a boatload of things I don’t know about Dwight Howard. Thanks to some tweets from ESPN’s Dave McMenamin and a post from Yardbarker, that list got a little shorter. However, one fun Howard fact seems a little suspicious.

Dwight Howard, NBA Star, Los Angeles Laker, has never been drunk in his life. That’s right, never. His one sip of alcohol was a celebratory shot of vodka with some friends when he was traded to the Lakers. Howard is 26 years old and he is known to be rather religious, but this is a little difficult to believe.

In case you’re now curious about Howard because that tidbit of information made him infinitely more intriguing, McMenamin also posted a few other facts about him.

His thick-lensed glasses aren’t a fashion statement. He really just can’t see. McMenamin said he has a strong prescription and actually couldn’t see the faces of the people across the room. Lucky for Howard, contacts work just fine for basketball.

Also, Howard is a little ambidextrous. He shoots his free throws right handed, but everything else is done with his left. He is actually left handed, but broke his wrist and had to learn to shoot with his right. Hm, the more you know.

That wraps up “Dwight Howard 101” for this morning. But really, one shot, Dwight? Just one? And it was CIROC, P Diddy’s own brand of vodka. Judge that as you will.

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