Giants’ World Series win causes rioting in San Francisco

Published On October 29, 2012 | By Kimberly Petalas

The San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers in a four-game World Series. The game was in Detroit, but Giants fans had a plan for the game back home.

Thousands of people gathered near the San Francisco City Hall to watch the game together. The crowd went crazy after the Giants closer Sergio Romo struck out Miguel Cabrera, which secured their 2012 World Series win.

Giants fans were extremely happy over the win, which caused an unfortunate string of events.

Fans rioted in the streets after the big win. Fireworks were set off, cars were tipped over, and fires raged in multiple parts of the city. Police officers were deployed to the “hot spots” of the city to try to contain the riots.

News personality Eric Richards tweeted a photo of an overturned car at the riots.

Overturned car from the riot in San Francisco. Photo Credit: Eric Richards

Fans like Troy Holden also tweeted a picture of one of the fires in the street.

One of many fires in San Francisco because of the riots. Photo Credit: Troy Holden @troyholden

This is not the first time that we have seen riots because of the outcome of a game. Back in 2011, we saw probably one of the worst riots in sporting history in Vancouver.

After losing to the Boston Bruins in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals, Vancouver Canucks fans went crazy.

Vancouver had random fires being started, people climbing on and flipping over cars, as well as fist fights. The police had to use flash bombs to disperse the crowds of angry fans. Canucks fans practically burned their city to a crisp.

Vancouver riots on June 15, 2011. Photo Credit: Jason Payne/Postmedia News Service

Rioters burn cars after Stanley Cup loss to the Boston Bruins in 2011. Photo Credit: Ian Lindsay/Postmedia News Service

The Vancouver riots were worse than the small San Francisco riot on October 28. While San Francisco had small fires dispersed through the city, Vancouver had huge fires blazing on every corner.  Police had to intervene with more officers and assistance in Vancouver than last night in San Francisco.

There have been many riots because of the outcomes of a game in sports history. Total Pro Sports complied a list of the 9 most memorable sports riots.

San Francisco is definitely not the worst sports riot we have seen, and one thing is for sure, it most certainly will not be the last.

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