Alex Ovechkin calls out NHL owners

Published On November 12, 2012 | By Jill Saftel

Fans are obviously frustrated with the NHL lockout, and Alex Ovechkin wants you to know that he is too. Ovechkin has been one of the more entertaining aspects of the lockout, unafraid to share his opinions and even threatening to stay in the KHL once the lockout ends.

After the league spoke negatively about players’ association executive director Donald Fehr to the media, Ovechkin took to the Twitter machine to make sure we could know just what he thought about the owners – and it wasn’t pretty.

Ovechkin’s broken English can cause for some confusing tweets, but Puck Drunk Love translated the tweet to “Hahaha What clowns!!! … Don tells us everything. Make a deal instead of talking about Don.”

Clearly, the players are still well connected with Fehr and the league’s attempts at keeping them apart has failed.

With only pessimistic lockout news, here are a few of Ovechkin’s best tweets to cheer up even the most disappointed hockey fan:

I think it goes without saying Ovechkin’s talents translate much better on the ice than they do via Twitter.


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