Manchester United star gets busted for bizarre affair

Published On November 25, 2012 | By Alison Majikes

Kolo Toure is arguably one of the most popular athletes that plays for one of the most popular sports franchises ever.

Despite the fact the he makes 90,000 pounds per week (about $145,000) and probably has a great life off the pitch, Toure felt the need to lead a double life and have a very elaborate affair with another woman, who was apparently unaware who he was.

Toure posed as a very successful car salesman and called himself Francois to his mistress, Kessel Kasuisyo, for nearly two years.

What’s even worse is that the soccer star started the relationship before he was married, and continue to court the girl after he said his “I do’s”

It was Kasuisyo’s friend who finally figured out that Francois wasn’t all he was cracked up to be.

The friend told her to google “Kolo Toure” and check out what came up. Not only did she find pictures of her beloved Francois, but she also found pictures of him on his wedding day.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, ­Kessel says: “I am devastated. On some of the wedding pictures he is crying but a few weeks before he was in my bed.

“Two or three weeks after the wedding he was at mine. Around the time he got married he called and said he was back in Africa and had just sold two cars.

“I believed everything he said, I am hurt and confused by it all. Maybe he wanted me to be a second wife. I just don’t know. Everything about his strange ­behaviour now all makes sense.”

What fans can’t understand through the whole ordeal is why Toure would lie about who he is, especially since he is so recognizable. How long could he have possibly thought he’s get away with it?

A source close to Toure said: “I have spoken to Kolo and he is denying ever knowing or meeting the girl.”


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