Navy mascot found outside Pentagon

Published On November 30, 2012 | By Jill Saftel

If you’re looking at the headline of this story and thinking, “Really?”, you’re probably not alone and the answer is “yes.” Navy’s official mascot, “Bill the Goat” was stolen last weekend, according to Yardbarker.

The prank isn’t new, and serves as a reminder to anyone driving around the Pentagon that the Army vs. Navy game is next Saturday. The goat was found attached to a median near the Department of Defense headquarters, taken from his permanent home at Maryland Sunrise Farm.

While the prank might be a tradition, this year it may have gone too far. The goat isn’t normally left in a dangerous position, and being leashed to the median left him quite close to traffic this time around.

“You would have thought [the culprits] would have taken [the goat] to somewhere safe,” Sunrise Farm manager John Jordan said via the Navy Times. “Maybe it’s time the prank stopped.”

College sports rivalries are infamous for pranking between schools, but it’s safe to say the pranks lose their humor when students or animals are put in harm’s way – just ask Bill the Goat.

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