The NHL lockout as seen on YouTube

Published On November 24, 2012 | By Arielle Aronson

For Black Friday, the NHL got us what we’ve always wanted: more canceled games! Wait, what? Yes, the NHL lockout continues to drag on, and we’ve lost all faith in there ever being a 2013 season. It looks like Tim Thomas was a modern day Nostradamus when he vowed not to play for the 2012-13 season. So, since there’s no hockey to watch on TV, we’ve turned to the next best thing: lockout videos on YouTube! Here’s our Top 5.

5. Power Play with CJ: Address to Gary Bettman on behalf of the fans

Shout out to Conor Jennings for tweeting at us. Follow him at @powerplaywithCJ as he covers hockey at all levels. We love the video he sent us because of the sincerity with which he speaks. He emphasizes the toll this lockout takes on the blue collar workers within the NHL and the blue collar fans. His refrain? “It’s just not right.” Agreed.

4. Shut the Puck Up

The great thing about this video is that it puts the blame for the lockout on both the players and the owners. It also strikes an emotional chord when it points out that the lockout has “turned out the lights on every little kid’s dreams.” The one negative? The amount of Canadiens apparel in the video. However, the refrain of “Shut the puck up” is catchy, and there’s merchandise you can buy. Shopping for the win!

3. Wake Me Up When the Lockout Ends

For a softer, slower take on the lockout, turn to this video from the @hockeymemes geniuses (if you aren’t following them on Twitter already, you’re missing out). Although the vocals are a bit rough, their “Wake Me Up When the Lockout Ends” tune captures our forlorn mood very well. There’s also a lot of footage of actual hockey from back in the day, which warms our hearts during this cold, dark time in our lives.

2. Things You Won’t Hear During the NHL Lockout

Remember the popular YouTube sensation “**** people say”? It’s back in hockey form in “Things You Won’t Hear During the NHL Lockout”. Some of our favorite lines are “Tim Thomas just seems like a really good guy”, “How did my NHL13 team get locked out as well?” and “I recently started knitting. It’s taking up a lot of my time.”

1. The Official Song of the NHL Lockout

This video combines a few of our favorite things: Taylor Swift, a female fan and hockey. It also has its share of funny moments, such as when the star of the video summarizes the issues with paper dolls and a group of male fans go to get pedicures in hockey jerseys (purple nail polish on a man’s toes isn’t very flattering, though).

So which one is your favorite? Any good ones that we forgot to include? Let us know!

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