Adam Greenberg looking for more at Winter Meetings

Published On December 5, 2012 | By Meredith Perri

In the beginning of October, Adam Greenberg finally got the second chance at playing major league ball that he had spent seven years waiting for. Now, two months later, the 31-year-old is looking for more at the Winter Meetings, and according to Twitter, he might just get it.

Throughout the past two days, Greenberg has tweeted updates about his trip to the Winter Meetings. Greenberg announced on Twitter Wednesday morning that he officially has an agent, Alex Gonzalez of Miami Sports Management, and that he has four “legitimate possibilities” for the spring.

Greenberg’s story became well known this season as he attempted to find a way back into the game that he loved. During the first pitch of his Major League career in 2005, Greenberg was hit in the back of the head. The pitch knocked the helmet off of Greenberg and gave him a concussion that almost eliminated any chance of Greenberg ever returning to the Majors.

The Miami Marlins gave Greenberg the second chance he so craved when they signed him to a one-day contract for a game on Oct. 2 against the New York Mets. Greenberg only had one at-bat, and he struck out on three pitches from National League Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey. Nonetheless, Greenberg was congratulated just for getting back into the game, and received as much recognition as if he had managed to get on base.

Greenberg’s chances for making a Major League squad may be slim, but this is one of those stories that transcends the actual game. The fact that Greenberg has this much love for the game and this much determination to push through years of struggle, is truly awe inspiring. Stranger things have happened, and it will be interesting to see where Greenberg winds up at Spring Training this season.


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