Tennis champ and owner of all the donkey cheese, literally. (Presse Sports via US PRESSWIRE)

Djokovic buys world supply of donkey cheese

Published On December 11, 2012 | By Jill Saftel

The world No. 1 tennis star obviously brings in a lot of revenue. And Novak Djokovic is going to spend a whole lot of that money on cheese – donkey cheese.

Djokovic will be spending millions to purchase all of this rare cheese, known is pule. It was recently named the world’s most expensive cheese, according to Yahoo!, and comes in at over $500 per pound. Why so expensive? It takes over three gallons of milk to produce one pound of cheese.

Produced in Serbia, Djokovic’s native country, he plans to use it in his chain of restaurants opening soon. The cheese is at just one farm in one town, and the tennis star bought their whole year’s supply.

“It will save a lot of effort having to deal with various restaurants, with only one customer buying the lot we don’t have to worry too much about salesmen,” said farm manager Slobodan Simic said. “It is a great vote of confidence as well in what we do here.”

According to Reuters, Simic said the cheese could run as much as $2,900 a pound if it were sold on the open market. However, to promote his farm’s conservation efforts it stays at around $576 and is sold privately.

Weird, but totally true. Here’s to hoping that investment pays off for Djokovic.

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