Carmelo Anthony adopts strange diet

Published On January 14, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks gave a strange tidbit to reporters this past Sunday: he has been fasting for the past two weeks.

Anthony has been taking part in the “Daniel Fast” which excludes meat, cheese, and carbs but allows fruit and vegetables. Many wonder though, is this healthy to do in season, and is this something Anthony should be doing when the Knicks are trying to maintain their place at the top of the standings in the Atlantic Division?

The Knicks have gone 3-4 in a stretch dating back to Dec. 30, causing some to suspect that Anthony’s new diet has caused the slump. Indeed, Anthony has not been at his usual top form the past two weeks.

His field goal percentage has dropped from 47.3 percent to 42.3 percent during that stretch, putting the Knicks in a tough spot during the past two weeks.

Anthony made his struggles to find the energy to play at a high level on the court known to the media.

“I’m kind of going through something right now with my own self, trying to find some energy and things like that. But we’ll be fine,” Anthony explained “We bounced back pretty well, I bounced back pretty well, stuck with it and won the game.”

When asked why he chose to fast in the first place, Anthony responded somewhat vaguely. He also decided to end the fast this past Sunday after a victory over the New Orleans Hornets ended a three-game losing streak.

“I usually do it sometimes just to get some clarity in my life and just spiritual reasons. I’m done now. I can’t do it no more. I surrender,” Anthony said.

Now that Anthony is back to eating enough to fuel his body so he can compete on the court, the Knicks hope to cruise on forward through the season and maintain their spot at the top of the standings. The Knicks have started to turn things around in the past five years and hope to continue their success from here on.

All that’s left for Carmelo Anthony now is to celebrate the win with his teammates in style. When asked what he would do after the game Anthony responded with more than a hint of eagerness

“I’m going to get me the biggest steak I can possibly get” Anthony said after the game.

Here’s to hoping his meal is on the house and that he can return to full health and be ready to play versus the Detroit Pistons this Thursday.

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