Chuck Pagano writes letter to thank Colts fans

Published On January 6, 2013 | By Hung Vong

Chuck Pagano wrote a letter to Colts fans this Saturday, thanking them for their emotional support during his battle with leukemia. Since Sept. 26, he had to take an indefinite leave of absence for the first of three chemotherapy sessions. The letter was published on

In it, Pagano warmly thanked the Indy fans for being such a great community that supported him throughout the recovery:

“The love and support you showed my family and me gave me a tremendous amount of comfort and peace,” wrote Pagano. “Every letter, success story, prayer and act of kindness made this process a whole lot easier.”

“I take pride in knowing that the team has persevered this season because you have shown them the same support you have shown my family and me. You have had a huge impact on my recovery and our season and I look forward to accomplishing great things here for a long, long time,” he wrote.

To say that Pagano’s return in Week 17 when the Indianapolis Colts faced the Texans for the second time was emotional would be an understatement.

“Guys really did not want to lose in his first game back and heading into the playoffs,” Colts quarterback Andrew Luck said. “To get a win, I think means the world to him.”

The Colts beat the Texans 28-16, gaining momentum as they were heading into the wild-card round of the AFC playoffs against the Baltimore Ravens. Pagano had taken back the reign on the once again contending franchise, while appreciating whole-heartedly its fans.

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