Cleaning company reveals secrets of Seguin’s bachelor lifestyle

Published On January 9, 2013 | By Arielle Aronson

Tyler Seguin has accomplished quite a bit in his 20 years of life: he is a Stanley Cup champion, No. 2 overall draft pick and has already played in the NHL All-Star Game. But there are some tasks that young Seguin has yet to master. Apparently, the 20-year-old is not so skilled at washing dishes or doing laundry.

Seguin spent the NHL lockout with EHC Biel in Switzerland, and the team set him up with an apartment in town where Seguin lived alone. When Seguin returned to North America for a break in November, the team sent in a cleaning crew.

It seems like it’s a good thing they used professionals. According to a Swiss news source, Seguin struggled with housekeeping. The cleaning service found a floor littered with spare change, dirty linen, garbage and empty soda bottles.

They also noticed that when Seguin ran out of clean dishes, he simply replaced them with plastic plates and cutlery. He had reportedly attempted to wash his laundry in the dryer (maybe European washing machines work differently than North American ones?) and there were rotten bananas left on the table (at least he was eating healthy).

While the details are disgusting, it seems Seguin’s housekeeping habits are not too different than your average 20-year-old male. Seguin’s teammate in Switzerland, Patrick Kane, brought his mother to Switzerland with him; perhaps Kane anticipated the difficulties of keeping house a bit better than Seguin.

But while some news outlets are blaming Seguin’s mess on his unfamiliarity with living alone, Bruins beat reporter DJ Bean squashed that excuse. According to Bean, Seguin lived alone during his rookie season in Boston.

The team found him a roommate for his sophomore season. We can guess why.

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