NHL/NHLPA making progress; talks resume today

Published On January 4, 2013 | By Kimberly Petalas

The hockey seasons isn’t dead…yet. After a late night, the NHL and the NHLPA have made some progress in their negotiations, while some reports show a bleaker outlook with a full season cancellation coming if a deal isn’t imminent by Jan. 1o.

The biggest news is that the NHLPA did not file a disclaimer of interest, but if there is no progress in the next couple of days, they will revote.

The players made big strides in the owners’ direction. Right now, the biggest issue for both sides is the salary cap and where that should be. According to Canadian Press reporter Chris Johnston, the sides are very close in numbers for the salary cap.

If both sides could meet in the middle at $62.5 million on the salary cap issue, it seems like the rest of the issues can be dealt with rather quickly.

Gary Bettman set a deadline of Jan. 11 for a deal to be made. If a deal is made by that date, the season will start on Jan 19.

Although progress is slow, the possibility of an NHL season is still alive. We will know for sure in a week when we approach Bettman’s deadline.

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