Cole Hamels pitches in over the winter

Published On February 9, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels has been busy pitching in during the offseason, and I don’t just mean by throwing blazing fastballs. Cole and his wife, Heidi Hamels, have made a special addition to their family of four by adopting a little girl named Reeve.

Reeve is from Ethiopia, where she was abandoned at birth by her parents. The police found her shortly after she was left in a field, and she was then placed in an orphanage. The Hamels heard about her story and were touched so they then set out to add her to their own family. The Hamels made two trips to Ethiopia before official adopting Reeve into their family.

“The sense of joy overcomes anything. [There were] tears, I’m glad they were not sad tears; obviously, the most joyful, exciting tears I think I can ever shed. We’re just so happy,” Hamels said.

Hamels has been beloved in the Philadelphia area for his hard work and gritty determination on the mound, and now he has made his mark across the Atlantic. What started out as a life immersed in tragedy has completely transformed into a moment full of joy. The Hamels family said they are extremely proud to welcome Reeve with open arms. Heidi said she is especially joyful at the thought of adding Reeve to her life.

“We are blessed to be the receiving end of what ended up happening to her, although you would never want that for her, we are blessed to have her,” Heidi said.

For Cole and Heidi Hamels, this is a new beginning. While they are tied up with three children at the moment, the Hamels have not declined the option of adopting another child from Ethiopia or elsewhere abroad should there be one in need. As for Reeve, she can settle down in comfort with her new family.

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