Gomes and Ross bond with strange hobby at Spring Training

Published On February 23, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

There is no limit to what players can do with their off days; Jon Lester enjoys fishing, Dustin Pedroia enjoys trash talking, and apparently outfielder Jonny Gomes and catcher David Ross enjoy gator hunting.

The Sox have had their abundance of characters over the years, most notably the band of idiots in 2004, but this is something else. Ross (nickname: Blue Wolf) and Gomes (nickname: Ironsides) took some time off this past Friday to enjoy the natural fauna in Florida and suit up in full swamp gear for a gator hunt.

While the two didn’t actually hunt any alligators, they did get to cruise around the Everglades on a guided tour and did see their fair share of action while on the water. The Red Sox will release a video soon of the two players having some fun on their hunt, and it may be worth it to get the whole roster out there as a team-bonding event.

It certainly was a welcome departure from the standard game of golf, and with the Sox suffering from a lack of character appeal, Gomes’ and Ross’ goofy antics are appreciated. Both players are new to the Sox this year and were signed for their positive clubhouse presence along with their hard work ethic.

They reportedly returned from their adventure unscathed and ready to play in the day game versus the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday. With all the work and drama that goes on during Spring Training sometimes it’s nice to take a day to do something a little crazy to get some of the preseason stress out of the way.

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