Guilty! Sandusky behind bars for life

Published On February 7, 2013 | By Alice Cook

I’m just wondering what was going through Dottie Sandusky‘s mind as she followed her handcuffed husband out of the courthouse yesterday. After being married to Jerry Sandusky for 46 years, Dottie testified on Sandusky’s behalf.  Something tells me Dot has bailed out her husband on more than a few occasions.

Not this time.

Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of sexually assaulting 10 boys.  All of these boys were part of Sandusky’s charitable foundation for disadvantaged youth. Their testimony over the course of the trial was gut wrenching. The bravery they showed is immense, and their childhood scars too deep to imagine.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly called Sandusky a “serial child predator who committed horrific acts upon his victims, causing life-long and life-changing consequences for all of them.”

The Sandusky story will go down in history as perhaps one of the saddest and most epic in all of sports. This event goes far beyond Penn State and College Station, Pa. It has opened the door into child sex abuse in American sports. The trial is over, but not the story, not by a long shot.  A number of victims who endured this kind of abuse have already come forward. There will be many more who were inspired by the heart-breaking testimony of Sandusky’s victims.

Sandusky has been under house arrest since last year.  Sentencing is still weeks away, but the 68-year-old is no longer free.  He was carted off to the big house, where he will remain for life.

Lead prosecutor Joseph McGettigan asked Sandusky to admit to abusing the children and “give them back their souls.”

On the the final day of the trial, we learned that Matt Sandusky, one of six children adopted by Jerry Sandusky, offered to testify that his father had abused him as a child. Sandusky had met the boy through his charity, The Second Mile.

I wonder how Dottie Sandusky felt after she heard this news?  Or did she already know her husband was abusing one of her children?  Coach Joe Paterno covered up for Sandusky. So did the president of Penn State University. It’s possible Dottie did too.

Paterno died in January, Graham Spanier lost his job as president of PSU and Dottie Sandusky will be celebrating her Golden Anniversary in four years at a prison with her husband behind bars.

In the meantime Sandusky’s victims, and others like them will carry on.

Childhood memories are supposed to be happy.  People who ruin them belong in jail.

Justice is served.

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