Johnny Football insures his career

Published On March 8, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

While it is certainly not unheard of it is entirely unorthodox of Johnny Manziel of securing a disability insurance policy before even thinking about a career in the NFL.

The star quarterback and recent winner of the Heisman from Tex A&M is not sure as to whether or not he will go to the NFL, but just in case he does his family wants him to be prepared.

“We’re currently in the process of doing that,” Manziel said.  ”It’s just a precaution. I think there’s a lot of players who have done it in the past and you never know what could happen. Football is a dangerous sport, so you kind of have to make sure that you take a precaution in that regard.”

While it may sound somewhat strange, the process is not unheard of. Head coach Kevin Sumlin has seen several players do the same thing over the years, and with the danger of playing a professional sport along with the limited financial security it certainly makes sense.

“I talk to players all the time about different issues in their lives and guys that for whatever reason, feel like they need to protect their interests professionally, they have insurance policies. ” Sumlin said.

Manziel has not made a decision as to whether or not he will enter the NFL, but as a sophomore he certainly has some time to make that decision. Either way he will be prepared for a future in football, but more importantly a career beyond the NFL.

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