UFC grudge match disappoints

Published On March 18, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

The UFC saw one of its biggest grudge matches between Georges St-Pierre (GSP) and Nick Diaz, but it also saw one of the most anti-climactic endings in UFC history.

Fans went in with high hopes as the fight had been hyped up to atmospheric levels leading up to the event; what fans got was something mildly disappointing. Viewers were not sure if it was a dominating fight for GSP or a bad night for Diaz, either way GSP won after five grueling rounds.

The first round saw GSP dominate Diaz with takedowns. The best action came as the second round closed and Diaz tried to get into St-Pierre’s face and the two fighters proceeded to exchange rounds of trash talk in addition to their punches.

That was the best fans saw from Diaz all night, as he seemed more disinterested than anything else. The only other highlight was Diaz hitting GSP after the bell late in the fight and being threatened with a disqualification, adding some fire to the already tense match, but that was as far as things got in terms of making things interesting for the fans.

What was more interesting than the fight was Diaz’s announcement of his retiring from the UFC. He was tired of being beaten up and had made enough money of the years, it was time to move on with his life and settle down. While the two sparred with fists and words over the match, they put their differences aside after the match ended.

“I want to thank GSP for giving me the credit that I like to think I deserve. I don’t think I got any more” Diaz said after the match.

Now that St-Pierre has won the fight against Diaz he will have to go up against the ruthless Johnny Hendricks who will prove to be a much fiercer and tougher opponent.

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