Phelps back on the dating scene?

Published On April 6, 2013 | By Kimberly Petalas

Michael Phelps‘s love life has been the highlight of the entertainment/sports world ever since he broke up with Megan Rossee last year.

So who is he dating now?

According to Larry Brown Sports, Phelps’ new girlfriend’s name is Ami Desai and like Phelps, she is a huge Baltimore Ravens fan. She traveled to the Super Bowl, which is when her Instagram account seemed to start coming to life and revealing, at the very least, a friendship with Phelps.


Photos via Instagram

It’s assumed that this is where they hit it off and things seemed to take off after that.

After the Super Bowl, there were pictures posted on her Instagram of the duo in several different cities such as Baltimore, New York City and Las Vegas.

Obviously, they could just be friends, but according to Larry Brown Sports, there is one key picture that Desai posted that proves they are dating. Desai shared a picture of her cuddling with her dog with a caption that read “Champ was a great cuddlebug in lieu of the bf!”


That picture and caption seem to just tell it all.

So do you think they’re dating or not?

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