Remy suffers cancer relapse

Published On April 11, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

Jerry Remy has long been beloved in Boston for his career with the Sox and, more prominently, his career as the television analyst on NESN alongside Don Orsillo. Four years ago, Remy was absent from the airwaves as he underwent treatment for lung cancer and then suffered from depression, causing him to miss the season.

Remy is much loved in the area, and his banter with Orsillo helps keep the mood light during Sox games no matter the score. In 2009, Remy kept much of his struggles to himself. His return to the booth following his battle with cancer and depression was a joyous occasion for both him and all in Red Sox Nation tuning in to NESN. After the warm welcome back, Remy started to open up more about his health issues and depression.

“People go through it all the time,” Remy said of his depression. “It’s probably best to tell the truth, and that’s what I did. And if it helps people, that’s good, too.’’

Before Wednesday night’s game against the Orioles, Remy announced that he had been treated for a relapse of cancer before the 2013 season.

Remy chose to speak candidly with the media this time around and gave an interview with NESN’s Tom Caron before the game.

“A little thing bubbled up and they thought it was time to do a biopsy on it, and the biopsy came out positive,” Remy said. “So I was diagnosed again with cancer.”

Remy seems hopeful and asked the fans that they not worry too much. Having been through this before, Remy knows what to expect, and so he does not plan on missing too many games this season.

“Right now I’m fine,” he said. “I always told the fans of New England I would be honest with them if things health-wise with me were not great. I know the last couple of years, I’ve missed some games not because of this, but because of regular colds, bronchitis, whatever it may be, and I always told the fans that I’d be honest with them and what I’d gone through. Last time I had cancer and depression. This time I’ve been diagnosed with cancer, but it’s under control.”

What is most touching is how the fans have reached out to Remy both in 2009 and now. Remy has long been a fixture in Boston sports media and during his struggles with staying healthy, Sox fans, long known for berating players on the field, reached out with open arms and warm hearts to show their support.

“Last time this happened to me, I got so many letters from people who have gone through cancer, who are fighting it at that particular point and time, and I felt like I did them some good,” Remy said. “I don’t know, but hopefully I did. For those who have had relapses, now I have too, and hopefully we can get through it together.”

Red Sox players showed their support for Remy on Twitter, leaving messages of encouragement for the longtime broadcaster.

Best of luck going forward Jerry Remy, and try to stay healthy. Sox games just aren’t the same without you in the booth.

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