Brothers adopted by separate families reunite on Patriots

Published On May 5, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

Not only does Bill Belichick put together winning teams year in and year out, but he also stages family reunions of sorts. In a completely unplanned and unprecedented move, two brothers who were adopted by different families as teenagers have reunited on the Patriots as they both prepare for the 2013 season.

Chris McDonald was signed by the Patriots as an undrafted free agent last week, and in addition to getting the usual calls from key team and organizational members, he got another call from his brother Nick McDonald, whom he was separated from as a teenager when the two were adopted by different families. As a Patriot, Nick played the role any good big brother should: he gave Chris some advice on how to succeed in the NFL.

“He just said get ready to work hard,” McDonald said. “This program is a very good program. You have to do your best and focus on yourself.”

Chris still has a long way to go. As one of 19 undrafted free agents, he will need all the help and guidance he can get as he hopes to make it on the 2013 roster. Still, Chris knows that it will come down to how hard he can work and what he can bring to the table. Nick can help, but he has to let his younger brother do things for himself.

“My brother is [an inspiration],” Chris said. “But it’s on me. My brother being in the NFL is not going to help me stay in the NFL and I have to do whatever it takes for myself.”

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