Former NFL star chases down Bieber after singer’s reckless driving

Published On May 28, 2013 | By Francesca Pelletier

Justin Bieber needs to slow down.  The 19-year-old superstar was caught speeding inside the gates of his neighborhood in Calabasas, Cali., and he was confronted about it in a unique way.

Bieber was allegedly confronted about his reckless driving by former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson, TMZ reports.  Johnson was in the neighborhood for a party and was walking out with a child when Bieber whizzed by him in his black Ferrari on Sunday afternoon.

Johnson was enraged and decided to track Bieber down. As if this story could not get any more ridiculous, according to TMZ’s eyewitness sources, Johnson brought the child home and then chased after Bieber’s Ferrari in his earth-friendly Toyota Prius.  When Johnson pulled up to Bieber’s house, the star ran inside and refused to speak to the Super Bowl champion about the incident.

But that did not mean Bieber was off the hook. According to TMZ, two different people called the police with concerns about Bieber’s unsafe driving in the neighborhood. TMZ sources also said that several people witnessed the road rage and that Bieber was definitely the driver of the vehicle.

If nothing else, it seems after this incident, Keyshawn Johnson probably will not have Bieber fever any time soon.

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