Petition to help blind puppy drop the puck at Bruins game builds traction

Published On May 29, 2013 | By Sarah Kirkpatrick

Ray Charles is a golden retriever puppy who was born blind last December. He’s become somewhat of an internet sensation — he has over 39,000 likes on Facebook — and why wouldn’t he be? His owners post adorable pictures of him wearing pajamas and sunglasses and otherwise being totally cute and awesome.

But to make him even more awesome, Ray Charles is also a hockey fan. More specifically, it is his goal to drop the puck at a Bruins playoff game.

“An avid Boston Bruins fan, Ray would like to drop the puck at a Bruins home game and we need your help to make this happen,” a petition states. “For all the joy he has brought us, it seems only fair that we take a few moments to sign his petition. … We can still show him how much he means to all of us! Help Ray Charles drop the puck at a Boston Bruins game and keep helping to enrich the wonderful dog’s life!”

The petition to make this happen has already nearly doubled its goal of 2,000 signatures — but it could always use a few thousand more, eh? Ray has appeared all over the internet and made a live appearance on NECN. The word has gotten out about Ray’s goal, and the public has made it clear that they want to see Ray drop the puck. It could be a really strong marketing move for the B’s, because who DOESN’T love puppies? And you wouldn’t want the word to get out that your organization doesn’t like puppies, of course. Your move, Bruins.

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