Rays orchestrate family reunion

Published On May 17, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

While sports often draws its fair share of rivalry and grit, there are plenty of moments that draw tears as well, and Thursday night was one of those times. Alayna Adams’ father, Lt. Col. Will Adams, has been deployed in Afghanistan for the past two years, but with the help of the U.S.O. and the Tampa Bay Rays, he was able to make a surprise visit home.

Nine-year-old Alayna Adams was told she was specially selected to throw out the first pitch, but she said she did not know the exact reasons for the decision. She stepped out on the mound and looked down to home plate where the catcher waiting for the pitch. Her father appeared on the jumbotron in center field telling her to stay focused and that he hoped to see her soon.

Alayna threw the pitch and after the catcher caught it, he flipped off his mask and there was her father, standing just feet away.  Adams beamed as his daughter ran across the field and jumped into his arms, thrilled to see her dad for the first time in years.

“I thought it was a dream,” Alayna said.

It was most certainly not a dream though; it was a great and amazing reality for the family as Adams made his surprise visit. The joy on both Will and Alayna’s faces certainly was indescribable.

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