Boston Strong not over with Bruins end

Published On June 25, 2013 | By Francesca Pelletier

When Carlos Arredondo wheeled Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman onto the TD Garden ice, the ride was a little bit different than the first time he had done it on April 15th. Arredondo helped his friend onto the ice Monday night before Game 6 in the Stanley Cup Finals for a special pregame ceremony. Bauman, who lost both legs at the tragic event on Boylston St., was seated in the wheelchair when he came out, but just as quickly as the Garden came to their feet, so did he on new prosthetics. Although the Bruins lost the game, there was a bright light shown by Arredondo and Bauman.



The Garden crowd erupted before play had even begun on Monday night when Arredondo and Bauman were presented. The two men, who became famous from an infamous photograph taken at the finish line in Marathon Monday, have become not only a symbol of hope, but great friends through this whole journey. The two Marathon Ambassadors were dawned “Banner Captains” for the Bruins for the second time this season. In early May, Bauman was welcomed to the TD Garden for the Maple Leafs series, but remained in his wheelchair throughout the ceremony.

This time around, it was different. As Bauman came to his feet in front of the faithful crowd, Arredondo waved the Boston Strong flag for the special crowd-pleasing moment. Since the Marathon bombings, the Boston Bruins organization has developed a close relationship with first responders, victims, and military personal who helped those in need on that tragic day. Although the Bruins run may be over, Bauman and Arredondo’s legacy will never end.

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