Bruins Nail Art

Published On June 17, 2013 | By Francesca Pelletier

With both Games 1 and 2 entering overtime, it was inevitable for Bruins and Blackhawk fans to not be at the edge of their seats, nibbling off their nails before the game was over. So if you’re going to be biting your nails off watching overtime hockey for the rest of the series, you might as well have them in support of the home team, right? Boston can support its favorite hockey club in the quest for the cup with these black and gold nail décors for this last post season push. Pick your favorite from below and get to work before Game 3 starts!

1. Black and Gold Remix: Alternate each nail with a different inspiration to represent everything from the jerseys to the logo.



2. Boston Strong Bruins Press-On Nail: Order these special and easy to apply black and gold “Bruins Strong” nail push-ons. All proceeds from these purchases will be donated to The One Fund!


3. Diva Nail: The new ‘Diva Nail’ can have its own touch of Bruins pride too! Paint four nails black and one single nail gold for the full effect!



4. Personalize for your favorite player! Buy a pack of fake, acrylic nails and personalize them with your favorite player.




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