Fan receives gift of a lifetime from Bruins

Published On June 26, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

For Marge Bishop, going to the Bruins games was not just something to do once in a while, it was a way of life. Marge has had front row seats to Bruins home games since the 1960s, but when ticket prices rose she and her husband sadly decided they could not afford to keep their seats.

That’s not the end of the story though; Bishop went on a whirlwind adventure to reclaim her spot in the TD Garden. Over the years Bishop has become pretty well known at the Garden. She has been a fixture for nearly five decades, and has been known by name among personnel who work there, even the Zamboni drivers to whom she gives chocolate between periods.

Once people around the team found out Bishop couldn’t afford her tickets any more, many came to her aid to help her get her spot back in the front row. They eventually reached the ears of Charlie Jacobs, son of owner Jeremy Jacobs, who remembered Bishop from when he put her on the season ticket advisory in order to help her keep her tickets when prices went up in 2004. When prices went up again in 2006-07, Jacobs stepped in once more.

To ensure that Bishop would get her spot in the TD Garden no matter how much ticket prices went up, Jacobs gave her a special card that gives her access to every single home game, a copy of the one he carries for himself.

“It was the most unbelievable gesture,” Bishop said. “People just don’t do things like that.”

With her card in hand Bishop can go to every home game for the rest of her life, a true miracle for any committed sports fan like herself.

“I’m just a regular person,” Bishop said. “And I’ve been given this remarkable once-in-a-lifetime gift. It’s incredible. It’s the most remarkable story.”

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