Manny On The Move Again

Published On June 19, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

Manny Ramirez is on the move again. After bouncing around Major League Baseball, Manny took his “Manny Show” to Taiwan as he signed a contract with the EDA Rhinos, but it seems that he has had enough of Taiwan.

That’s right. After no MLB team took a chance on him, Manny traveled to China to prove his worth, but it seems that after just three months of baseball, home runs and painfully slow home run trots, Manny is looking to take his act elsewhere. The big question now is whether Manny will continue playing or if this means he is ready to hang up his spikes.

Manny will be missed by the Rhinos. A few reports have come out displaying the effect he has had on the league and the community that he called home. He led the league in most offensive categories (no surprise there that his batting average and home run total was good), but he also caused television ratings to jump by a 221-percent margin (!). If Manny chooses to play ball elsewhere, his impact will be felt immediately, and as some rumors say, that next place could be Japan.

Going to Japan would be a good career move for Manny should the rumors prove to be true. He would see a nice increase from his $25,000 per month salary and will face considerably better competition. Who knows whether, after seeing him for the remainder of the year in Japan, a struggling MLB team may pick Manny up as a DH or pinch hitter. The Houston Astros or the Miami Marlins could certainly afford to add a different bat to their lineup.

Where do you think Manny will go next? Let us know in the comments below.

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