Standing Os and Heck Nos: Jail, Injuries and Fatherhood

Published On June 17, 2013 | By Francesca Pelletier

Standing Os

  • And Father of the Year Goes to: Tim Duncan.  Being in the NBA Finals did not stop Tim Duncan from spending time with his kids on Father’s Day this past Sunday. Duncan, who is going through a messy divorce with his wife, Amy, spent time in between quarters hanging out with his two children in the hallway of the Spurs’ locker room. Quiet off-the-court moments like these could have helped the star center lead his team to a 114-104 victory over the Heat.
  • When Nathan Horton’s suffered a blow to an already injured shoulder first overtime in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, he did not have a say in returning to the game. Horton did have a decision to make for Game 2, and he made the same one he has always made: to play.  Since April 20, Horton has been battling through chronic shoulder pain that came about during a fight with Pittsburgh Penguin, Jarome Iginla.  Horton, who will likely undergo surgery at the end of the season, deserves much praise for fighting through this injury.
  • Bulls Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen has spoken out about fans criticizing Bull’s superstar Derrick Rose for sitting out of the entire 2012-2013 season. Pippen explained that although he understands that the people from Chicago are upset, it isn’t fair to criticize an athlete coming back from an injury as severe as Rose’s. Pippen’s comments hopefully helped Rose’s mindset as he nears his NBA return next season. Even though the two Bulls never spent time together on the court, Rose can be thankful that Pippen has his back whenever needed.

Heck Nos

  • After serving only seven-days in jail, Chad Johnson is a free man. Johnson was handed a 30-day jail sentence just last week, and on Monday he received a release after he apologized to Judge Kathleen McHugh. Although many said McHugh overreacted in the first place, giving this ex-NFL star a get out a free jail card will do no justice.
  • In the small town of Allen, Texas, the people have voted in favor of a $119 million bond for a project to build a $60 million high school football stadium. The stadium, which will hold 18,00 seats, was a topic of great debate as the town bickered over this project. Some argued that the $119 million dollars is simply too much money for one single sport. Couldn’t a field for half the price satisfy avid high school football fans? After all, it is only high school.
  • May 15 marks the last time that Red Sox starting pitcher, Jon Lester, has recorded a win.  Lester, who went from winning six consecutive games to losing four consecutive games, has fallen off the radar as an ace this season. The lefthander has gone 0-4 in the last four games, with a 7.20 ERA. If the 29-year-old cannot shake this current slump, this will become a major concern for the Sox.

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