Donald Sterling’s latest insult hurled at wife

Published On July 10, 2014 | By Alice Cook

I realize that Donald Sterling is 80 years old.  It’s pretty clear that he’s lost a few marbles.  His “mental health” is obviously not healthy.

That’s  still no excuse for calling his wife a “pig” in a courtroom.

On day two of the Sterling’s probate trial in Los Angeles, Shelly Sterling took the stand.  Mrs. Sterling is seeking a court order to sell the LA Clippers for 2 billion dollars to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Shelly Sterling testified about how she has seen her husband change in the recent past.

” He’s becoming more forgetful,” she said.  “He is slurring his words.” ( Yeah, slurs are his specialty)  “He’s agitated a lot. He gets so mad for no particular reason.”  (Whose husband doesn’t?)

Those are fairly tame words used to describe the man whose racist comments rocked the NBA, its players, its fans and most especially the men who played for this owner.

When asked if they were separated, Shelly answered, “sort of.”

How can anyone be ‘sort of ‘  separated?  Seems like a cut and dried type situation to me. Kind of like saying, ” I’m a little bit pregnant.”

Is she Donald Sterling’s primary caregiver?  ” I am his only caregiver.” she answered.

(I am assuming there aren’t a lot of people lining up for the job.)

Here’s the killer question:  Does she love him?

Answer: “Very much.”

When Shelly Sterling was done testifying she headed back to her seat in the courtroom.  When she  walked  past her husband, Donald just couldn’t keep his mouth shut as he blurted out, “Stay away from me, you pig.”

The stunned courtroom became completely silent before judge Michael Lavanas scolded Sterling saying, “Please don’t make any comments about your wife.  That’s disturbing.”

Disgusting is more like it.

Shelly Sterling has also said that her husband’s Alzheimer’s has changed his personality.  “He’s not the man he use to be,” she said.

Ya think?  Although there are plenty of folks around the NBA who will tell you he’s always been a jerk.

On the stand, Sterling attacked Commissioner Adam Silver, who has banned Sterling for life from the NBA.

“This is the worst corporation in America,” Sterling said. “Everyone will find out how terrible and dishonest they are.  I will never ever sell this team.  Until I die I will be suing the NBA.”

The ‘worst corporation in America’  is making billions of dollars a year.  Adam Silver did what just about everyone assumed  he should do- get Donald Sterling away from the league and the game.

We learned months ago that Donald Sterling is racist, a cheater  and a fraud.  Just yesterday he called his wife a pig in public.

Anyone paying attention to this story knows who the real swine is.



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