What’s the difference between a nickel and dime?

Published On September 11, 2014 | By shesgamesports

The easy answer to this is 5 cents, right?  Not on a football field.

Nickel and dime packages happen on the defensive side of the ball.  For the most part,  most teams feature four defensive backs in the secondary.  (Two cornerbacks and two safeties)  A nickel package means the defense adds another defensive back- so now they have five.

A dime packages means there are six defensive backs in the secondary.

Nickels and dimes are normally used in obvious passing situations.  More players in the backfield to cover receivers.

Obviously, if there are extra defensive backs there will be fewer linebackers,  although versatile linebackers can drop back in coverage to defend against the pass.

Just our 2 cents on nickels and dimes!


Nickel defense

Nickel defense



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