A new comedy about female football fans coming to the big screen

Published On November 5, 2014 | By shesgamesports

From Jo Blo Movie News:

Hollywood is jumping on board the female football frenzy!
Laura Dern and Judd Apatow are working on female football comedy

The headline pretty much tells us everything we know at this point, but it’s still worth putting it out there if you ask me. Laura Dern (JURASSIC PARK) has reportedly come up with an idea for a comedy involving obsessive football fans, who just so happen to be female. Judd Apatow is developing the project with her at Universal and scribe Pam Brady (HOT ROD) is taking care of the script. While Dern is only set to produce the film at this point, it would be pretty great to see her in a role for this one.

As I said, the report by Variety didn’t have more to say than that so I’m game (pun definitely intended) if you guys are to toss out a few suggestions for casting. I can’t stop picturing Melissa McCarthy in a football jersey now, so she’s on my list. Rachel Dratch is one of my favorite SNL players of all time, so she’s up there. Let me know who you would like to see in this one going by what it sounds like so far.



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