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Cleveland Indians

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Tedy Bruschi in two different Halls of Fame Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi had a busy month. On May 7th, he was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame as a member of the...


Aviles traded…again

November 3, 2012

It sure seems like shortstop Mike Aviles is popular these days. Two weeks after being traded from the Boston Red Sox to the Toronto Blue Jays, Aviles has been traded again. This time he was...


Red Sox rout Indians, 14-1

August 13, 2012

Jon Lester last won a game seven starts and six weeks ago. That was before the Olympics, before Patriots training camp, even before the 4th of July holiday. The same pitcher who had lost no...


After losing rookie third baseman Will Middlebrooks for the remainder of the season with a fractured right wrist Friday night, the Red Sox entered Saturday’s game in need of some good news. None came, as...


Bobby Valentine sure has a lot of confidence in his team. Even with a streak of 13-20 since July 1, he claims his Red Sox are still a playoff team. Is anyone even listening at...