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Usain Bolt

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The London Games might have ended Sunday, but Jamaican sprinter and decided “fastest man on earth” Usain Bolt is still finding ways to make headlines. He has now refused to compete in the UK until...


Olympic action: Aug. 11

August 11, 2012

The London Games might be one day away from Closing Ceremonies, but there’s still plenty of action. Wrestling is still getting under way, and with the end near many events’ gold medal matches are set...


Olympic action: Aug. 9

August 9, 2012

Thursday’s Olympic action has brought history making performances, both on the field, mat, and track. A sprinter claimed his thrown and a group of determined women got redemption after a heartbreaking World Cup loss. Thursday’s...


Tell me about track and field: Track and field events are part of the “Athletics” division of competition, which also includes road running events (the men’s and women’s marathons and the long-distance racewalking events). Track...