50 Cent: Entertainer, rapper…and boxing promoter?

Published On July 26, 2012 | By Jill Saftel

It appears 50 Cent has begun a foray into the world of sports. The rapper, who according to a report from Yahoo obtained a New York promoter’s license last week and has already applied for another in the state of Nevada, has already landed a huge athlete to his new promotions company.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is the newest addition to TMT “The Money Team” Promotions, the name stemming from the nickname Mayweather has given to his friends who work with him.

50 Cent got into it on Twitter with Oscar De La Hoya, president of Golden Boy Promotions who previously handled Mayweather, saying “@oscardelahoya I don’t gamble floyd do,but I bet you won’t be promoting Floyd mayweather no more. TMT PROMOTIONS” Wednesday night.

De La Hoya and Golden Boy had promoted Mayweather’s last six fights, but never signed the boxer to a deal. He went back and forth with the rapper on Twitter, but has since deleted all of his tweets regarding the tiff with 50 Cent.

Mayweather is currently incarcerated after pleading guilty to domestic assault charges and stands to be released Aug. 3.

The news, if it pans out, will be detrimental to De La Hoya’s company because of the leverage working with Mayweather brings a company in terms of television deals. If 50 Cent really becomes Mayweather’s new promoter, he will potentially gain power in the boxing world.

For now, it’s not safe to say Mayweather will be entering the ring to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” anytime soon.

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