Shanda Sounds Off: Basketball Allegiances and Financial Responsibility

Published On June 4, 2013 | By Shanda Foster

Photo of the Week: Is Lil Wayne a Pacers fan?

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There’s nothing like a true fan, right? Well rapper Lil Wayne is proving where his loyalty lies: to no one. A couple of months ago, I reported a story about Lil Wayne, a diehard Heat fan, being tossed out of the Heat’s American Airlines arena. It seems as if he instantly jumped to pretty much any other team that was around. It’s been everything from the Miami Heat to the Hornets to the Lakers and now, its no surprise he showed up at Game 6 in Indiana donning Pacers gear and sitting court-side. I’m all for being a sports fan, but I think there should be a law against ship-jumping for sports. I have to keep my ear to the street and find out if he was in attendance for Monday night’s Game 7. Let’s just see what he has up his sleeve now that Miami’s made it to the next series.

Video of the Week: World’s Best Video-Bomb

In sports, we see video-bombing all the time, but this has to be one of the best ones ever! The team decided to shave one of the players at the same time as the coach was giving an interview, and the coach has absolutely no idea! Classic!

Steelers Adams stabbed during attempted robbery

Pittsburgh Steelers right tackle Mike Adams was attacked early Saturday morning in Pittsburgh after fighting off carjackers. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the second-year tackle left his keys with the valet of Cambod-Ican Kitchen but did not return to pick up the vehicle until after the valet closed. That’s when Adams encountered three males attempting to steal his truck at gun- and knife-point. After arguing with the men, Adams was stabbed twice, once in the stomach and once in his left forearm. The men fled from the scene immediately. Police officers found Adams after they were flagged down by a witness around 3 a.m.

Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert released a statement to the media saying, “We are aware of the situation regarding Mike Adams being stabbed earlier this morning. We are in direct communication with both Mike and his family. Mike is expected to make a full recovery.”

Adams underwent surgery and is recovering. Luckily none of Adams vital organs were harmed. On Saturday, the 6-foot-7 tackle tweeted:

No arrests have been made in the occurrence. Police are investigating the incident and are looking for the help of any witnesses or people who may have any information. One of the robbers dropped a cell phone, which was retrieved by police and is now entered into evidence. Anyone with information should call 412-323-7800.

Cromartie schools young players on what not to do

After years of not getting things right, New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie has decided to turn his personal life around. You might remember an episode of the NFL’s “Hard Knocks” back in 2010 in which Cromartie had trouble remembering all the names of the 10 children he fathered with eight different women. Remembering names was the least of his problems. The cornerback was spiraling out of control due to his outlandish spending and lavish living. It was so lavish he recounts spending an estimated $5 million in just two NFL seasons.

Now, Cromartie has decided to smarten up and wants to share his experience to help educate young athletes in the hopes of keeping them from going down the same path he did. According to Yahoo Sports, Cromartie sat down with Newsday’s Bob Glauber to talk about how he’s attempting to help steer athletes away from the troubles he’s encountered.

“I want to help others learn from what I did wrong,” Cromartie told Glauber. “I tell the young guys, ‘Don’t spend any money the first year and a half of your career. You don’t know what will happen after that. You might be released. You might be hurt. Just save your money.”

Cromartie isn’t just talking to the talk; he told Glauber he’s also made life changes.

The man who once owned two BMW’s, two Dodge Chargers, two Escalades and nearly bought a Lamborgini, has now downgraded to a more responsible and cost-effective Prius. What brought on this change? It’s well-documented that the majority of athletes go bankrupt or suffer major financial setbacks following the end of their careers. Cromartie said he was introduced to CPA/Financial Advisor Jonathan Schwartz, who encouraged Cromartie to be smarter with his money and showed him how to do it. Through planning and discipline, Cromartie has managed his funds and changed his life around.

Good for him. So many athletes get duped into thinking that the money they make is limitless and end up buried in debt. I’m glad Cromartie not only got his act together before it was too late, but is also passing on the wisdom.

Mayweather bets millions on the Heat in Game 7

As if boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather isn’t already over the top, he just upped the ante. The superstar fighter is no stranger to gambling, but word is “Money May” placed a wager of $5.9 million on the Heat for Monday’s Game 7. According to Vegas Gambling Stream, who reported the bet first, Mayweather had to spread the amount across nine sportsbooks, so the entire amount won’t apply as a lump sum.

Money hasn’t seemed to be a problem in the past for MM, who just inked a $200 million deal with Showtime and who also recently announced an upcoming bout with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez on Sept. 14. Now I understand that betting is all in fun, but $6 million is a little too outrageous. I like to play blackjack and try my chances, but I’m not going to bet a mansion on whether LeBron and the Heat are going to pull it out. Luckily for Floyd, the Heat won, so he will likely be seeing a payday very soon. Still, maybe he’ll find a better hobby that will help him down the line. Perhaps investing?

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