Lil Wayne Backtracks from Heat Comments

Published On June 13, 2013 | By Justin McGrail

Lil Wayne has had a change of heart after his recent health problems and explained his derogatory comments about the Miami Heat.

Wayne is a resident of Miami and is often a fixture at Heat games, despite being a Los Angeles Lakers fan. The rapper created a stir when in February, he claimed Heat security asked him to leave a regular season game against the Lakers because he was sitting courtside and cheering for Los Angeles. Details later emerged clarifying that Wayne left the game on his own accord.

Later that month, Wayne was onstage and voiced his displeasure with the Miami Heat’s big three. He got on the mic during a show spouting “F–k LeBron” “F–k she-Wade” and he went especially hard on Chris Bosh. Wayne claimed that he slept with Bosh’s wife.

The New Orleans rapper was hospitalized in March after suffering multiple seizures. Wayne has gone on record saying he is epileptic, adding that this is the first time the public has heard about it.

On Tuesday night, Lil Wayne appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about his time in the hospital, saying that many celebrities visited him. He added that LeBron James sent his well wishes. When asked about the comments about Bosh’s wife, Wayne claimed that he was “too turnt up that night”, better known as being too drunk and high for his own good. Still, Lil Wayne never said the comments were inaccurate.

Spending time in the hospital has seemed to mellow out Lil Wayne who hasn’t been seen or heard from so far this NBA Finals series. He said on Jimmy Kimmel he is staying away in order to avoid causing a scene.

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