Get in on the action with Olympic drinking games

Published On July 28, 2012 | By Jill Saftel

If you’re not an Olympic athlete, you might be feeling a little left out of the competitive action this summer. Lucky for you, the good old Internet has provided us regular folks with a way to play along during the Olympic action this summer: drinking games.

One of our favorites comes from, and even has Olympic themed bronze, silver, and gold categories. And of course, like the Olympics these games also have a strict age requirement.

Requirements for bronze, a sip for our purposes, include a Michael Phelps sighting, tears, celebrity spectators, and hideous uniforms.

Silver gets a little bit tougher, but the stakes are higher as a shot is required for each criterion. New world records, balance beam falls, U.S.S.R. mentions, and a wipeout on the hurdles will all require you to knock one back.

If you want to go for the gold, you’ll find yourself chugging. The criteria include a compound fracture (um, ouch), the wrong national anthem played during a medal ceremony, a streaker, and a serious javelin injury.

Drinking games of the sort have been popping up everywhere, and we spotted some hysterical ones for Friday’s Opening Ceremonies, but by the looks of them it might have been difficult to play for the entirety of the event without, well, taking yourself out of the running. Let’s just say a drink was required for every time a British band’s song was played, and there was an entire segment dedicated to British music.

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