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Published On July 20, 2012 | By Alice Cook

Jessica Redfield (Ghawi) was killed in a Colorado movie theater shooting Thursday night. (Photo from SB Nation)

I just looked at the picture of Jessica Redfield on a news set and felt my heart breaking. Her smile and body language in the photo have the look of someone who is going places.

Last night’s tragedy in Colorado has snuffed out a dozen lives, including one of an aspiring sports reporter.

Redfield was a witness to a mall shooting in Toronto just last month and lived to write about it. That she would be killed in a similar act of violence is unimaginable.

My heart goes out to her colleagues, friends and especially family. It’s brutally tragic when  a young life is ends so senselessly. As a mother, it’s hard to fathom  how life can go on for her parents and loved ones. We know it will never be the same.

She was a girl who loved hockey, an aspiring writer, and someone who knew exactly what she wanted.

There is a special kinship between women who pursue a profession in sports reporting. To this day it takes a large measure of fearlessness and grit for a female to succeed in this business.

Jessica Redfield was going for it. She will be missed.


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