Kathleen Kearney gets a little too close for comfort for Theo Epstein

Published On July 17, 2012 | By shesgamesports

Professional athletes and those closely tied to professional sports are used to an undying fan base. Most athletes, coaches, managers and presidents of sports clubs are used to fan mail and many devoted admirers. However, sometimes this admiration is taken to an uncomfortable level.

Theo Epstein, the president of the Chicago Cubs, is all too familiar with a fan that went too far. Kathleen Kearney of Canton was arrested Monday night in Chicago for stalking Epstein and his family outside of their Chicago home. According to the Chicago Tribune, Kearney “was arrested after trying to bring a birthday gift for the family’s young son to his Lakeview home”.

Kearney’s alleged obsession with Epstein went so far that on Monday, she reportedly flew out to Chicago and went to the Epstein’s home where she had a conversation with Epstein’s wife about Epstein’s young son. Kearney was arrested later that night and charged with two felony counts of stalking.

Kearney, 44, allegedly began her obsession with Epstein while he was still in Boston.  Kearney reportedly stalked Epstein at Fenway and at his suburban Boston home, and according to police, Epstein identified Kearney as the same woman who stalked him in Boston. Kearney admitted to police that she staked Epstein out at Fenway on several occasions, and according to the Tribune, she once tried to deliver Burger King to him.

Epstein was so uncomfortable with Kearney’s presence in Boston that he had police observation over his home while he worked for the Red Sox. Still, Kearney allegedly continued her obsession even when Epstein had moved hundred of miles away. In October of 2011, Epstein signed a contract to be the president of the Cubs.

Kearney has no criminal background. Bond was set at $75,000.

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