Olympic Village becomes Yard Sale

Published On August 14, 2012 | By shesgamesports

While you’ve been watching the Olympic Games have you ever wondered what happens to the towel Michael Phelps just used or where the U.S. women’s soccer team sleeps every night? Well now you can buy that towel and sleep in those beds. With the Closing Ceremonies last night marking the end of the Summer Games, a website called “Remains of the Game” is now selling off the items from the Olympic Village.

When they say everything is for sale, they mean EVERYTHING: mattresses, sheets, furniture, an umpire chair, and even javelins. Essentially, London is trying to recoup some of the expenses from hosting the Games by holding a worldwide yard sale.

So what are some pieces you might consider buying? How about the 4-piece athlete’s bedroom set for $120. Or for only $35 you could feel like a real athlete with your own locker just like your favorite Olympians used.

Nothing beats the opportunity to own fixtures, furniture and equipment used by some of the most famous sports personalities in the world.

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