Garnett gives Allen the cold shoulder

Published On October 31, 2012 | By Shane Ohalloran

Tuesday night’s 120-107 loss to the Heat featured plenty of compelling storylines: Would the Heat continue their aerial assault on the Eastern Conference? Would the Celtics’ new roster be enough to slow them down? Oh, and what about that Ray Allen guy?

Kevin Garnett answered that last question emphatically by refusing to acknowledge the former Celtics swingman even when Allen tapped Garnett on the shoulder. The icy demeanor set the tone for a physical game that saw Rajon Rondo eventually commit a flagrant foul on Dwyane Wade.

Allen’s departure from Boston has become acrimonious on both sides. Garnett claimed before the season that he’d lost Allen’s phone number, and coach Doc Rivers suggested that ego played a large role in Allen’s decision to leave the C’s. Rondo, meanwhile, has stopped using Allen’s name in the press and refers to him only as No. 20.

Allen, who has admitted unhappiness at the way he was used in Boston, played down KG’s snub, saying, “That’s just KG. He probably didn’t see me coming.”

Whatever you say, Ray.

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