Ed Reed evades one-game suspension, receives fine

Published On November 21, 2012 | By Alison Majikes

Baltimore Ravens free safety Ed Reed said he is relieved that his one-game suspension for his hit on Steelers’ Emmanuel Sanders was overturned after he appealed the punishment, but he is not happy he still has to pay a $50,000 in place of not sitting out a week.

Reed was especially upset that now he may be viewed as a dirty player by his peers and fans across the country after the league tried to suspend him, citing the fact that he has a track record of dirty hits.

“It really needs to be discussed for a fine to come down like that so harshly for that hit,” said Reed, who was handing out turkeys with some teammates at a middle school in Baltimore.

While talking to reporters, Reed pointed out his hit on Drew Brees a few years back and even what happened in Week 2 of this season with Mike Vick.

“I’m going for the ball. It’s a contact sport,” he said.

On Monday, Reed was suspended without pay by NFL vice president of football operations, Merton Hanks. But with the NFLPA representing him, Reed appealed the suspension Tuesday morning to NFL hearing officer Ted Cottrell, arguing that the NFL is trying to change the way football is played, but also adding that “a lot needs to be done because it is about safety.”

Cottrell dropped the suspension, but slapped Reed with a fine because he said he believed Reed’s actions “were egregious and warrant significant discipline.”

“I know concussions has been a big thing. I’ve had concussions before and I know guys are going to have concussions. If you want to stop it, stop the game. Like people say, it’s starting to be a flag football thing. I have a flag football tournament. We can make this a big thing is we want to, everybody can come get in my league.”

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