Mariners’ Vasquez has emergency brain surgery

Published On November 20, 2012 | By Kimberly Petalas

Seattle Mariners left-hander Anthony Vasquez required emergency brain surgery on Nov. 16 after blood vessel in his brain ruptured.

Vasquez started off having headaches but his father said Vasquez did not think much of it until he started getting dizzy and having issues with his vision. These problems all occurred on Wednesday during a throwing session at the Mariners’ complex in Arizona.

After being brought to the hospital, tests showed a lesion in his brain and a life-threatening ruptured arteriovenous malformation, which is an abnormal connection between veins and arteries that are present usually at birth.

As scary as all of this is, Vasquez came out of surgery fine and was discharged from the hospital Nov. 19.

“He’s a miracle,” said Vasquez’s father said. “We have a strong faith in Jesus and Anthony’s faith has always been strong as well. There’s no other way to say it. When the neurosurgeon came out he said, ‘Your son should be dead, but he’s not.’”

Doctors say that his recovery should take about 6-8 weeks. If all goes well, Vasquez will be back to pitching by the spring.

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