A-Rod’s Refusal to Lend Money Landing Him in Big Trouble

Published On June 6, 2013 | By Justin McGrail

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees hasn’t played a single game this season but his name keeps popping up in the news. First it was GM Brian Cashman commenting about his gargantuan contract and now it seems that Rodriguez is linked with Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) again.

In January, his name popped up on a list at a Miami clinic, Biogenesis, that is rumored to have supplied Major League Baseball players with illegal substances. Anthony Bosch, the owner, was in a lawsuit with the MLB and his legal bills were piling up. Bosch turned to his most high profile client, Rodriguez, for help. His debt was believed to be in the hundreds of thousands dollars, which apparently was too much for A-Rod, who will be paid $28 million this year, to part with.

With nowhere left to turn, Bosch cut a deal with the MLB. Allegedly the league is agreeing to drop the lawsuit it filed earlier this year along with paying his legal bills and indemnifying him from any civil liability in exchange for information about the players he has supplied PEDs.

MLB officials also agreed to intercede on Bosch’s behalf if law-enforcement agencies try to come after him because he admitted to giving steroids to baseball players.

The main reason the league conceded to Bosch’s demands is that they were afraid Bosch would turn to other players for financial help after being turned down by Rodriguez. The league is doing its best to clean up the game but is teetering on ethical boundaries to do it.

“This raises a lot of serious ethical problems,” one source told The Daily News. “It’s indirect compensation for information.”

On the other hand, it looks like because Rodriguez refused to lend Bosch some money, he landed himself in some serious trouble.

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