Caroline Wozniacki does her best impression of Serena Williams (Photo: Eurosport)

Caroline Wozniacki impersonates Serena Williams, called racist

Published On December 11, 2012 | By Kimberly Petalas

Caroline Wozniacki has found herself in some hot water after a tennis match.

During a recent exhibition against Maria Sharapova in Brazil this past weekend, Wozniacki stuffed towels in her shirt and the back of her skirt to impersonate the curves of fellow tennis star Serena Williams.

Williams is known for her great tennis skills as well as referring to and embracing her curvy body. She was also in Brazil to promote the 2016 Olympic Games. The day before the Wozniacki incident, Williams tweeted, “Do they make Brazilian bikinis for, um, well, me?”

Now the Danish tennis star is being called racist for her stunt, as people are saying her emphasis on Williams’ curves are stereotyping black women’s bodies. This is not the first time that Wozniacki has impersonated Williams. Back in December 2011, she did the same thing by stuffing her clothes, but she also danced around the court to a Rihanna song.

Andy Roddick, another tennis player, also impersonated Williams back in 2011. He did the same thing Wozniacki did by stuffing his shorts and shirt with towels.

The picture and video of Wozniacki’s impersonation had people on Tumblr blogging about the incident. One user said “this isn’t ‘harmless fun as one article described it. its racist. out and outright racism. mocking and making fun of the bodies of black women for a laugh? real funny, stupid white girl. real real funny.”

Do you think Wozniacki stuffing her clothes to pretend she was Williams was racist or just in good fun? Sound off in the comments below.

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