Shanda Sounds Off: Arrests and Apologies

Published On June 25, 2013 | By Shanda Foster

Breaking News: Scottie Pippen Arrested!

NBA legend Scottie Pippen has been arrested for felony assault. TMZ broke the story on Pippen, stating that the former Chicago Bull brutalized a fan seeking an autograph. The victim was released from an LA hospital with missing teeth, a swollen mouth and injury to the back and front of his head. Pippen has just turned himself into Malibu police and was booked for felony assault with no intent to commit bodily harm.

Photo of the Week: Broncos WR Eric Decker Marries Country Singer Jessie James

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Photo via

Tweet of the Week – Antoine Walker Wants to Coach C’s – Thoughts Anyone?

Doc Rivers to the Clippers $23 million, no trade for KG

There’s been so much speculation on what’s going on in the minds of the Celtics after the official announcement of the Clippers and Celtics coach Doc Rivers reaching a deal. However, what I was wondering and I’m sure most of you all are wondering is, what ever happened to the KG deal? Rumors were spinning out of control this week about the six-time All Star’s future with the C’s including the inclusion of Garnett in the Doc Rivers deal, in exchange for Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan. So, where does KG stand?

Well, according to writer Jackie MacMullen, the NBA will NOT approve a trade for Kevin Garnett to the Clippers. All trades and interactions are subject to approval and this is one that won’t go down.

League and teams sources also confirmed that for now, any deal involving Garnett and the Clippers is on hold in light of commissioner David Stern’s objections to the appearance that the KG deal (for DeAndre Jordan) and Rivers were related.

One source with knowledge of the NBA’s thinking told that the league does not intend to change its stance as expressed by Stern in multiple radio interviews Thursday, meaning that the league would view any subsequent trade agreement between the Celtics and Clippers involving Garnett to be part of the Rivers deal and thus in violation of league rules. –Jackie MacMullen

I never thought it was a worthwhile trade for the Clippers to pick up KG since his career is winding down. It would have been more worthwhile for them to try and pick up Pierce, who has a little more time in him but as for now its looking like KG is going to going to be a Celtic just a little bit longer, unless another team comes into the picture. Which team do you think would be a good fit for Garnett? Sound Off!

Maria Sharpova vs. Serena Williams

The 2013 Wimbledon Championships are kicking off, and it’s synonomous with tennis greats of the past like Pete Sampras, Billy Jean King, Martina Navratilova. This year, after the genius media skirmish that has been saturating the paper, the internet and even the live news tickers in Time Square, we know what everyone is really waiting for: Maria Sharpova and Serena Williams.

Serena is no stranger to uncomfortable brushes within the media. Earlier this year she was blasted for taking photos of Tiger Woods during a play during the Honda Classic tournament, just last week she was again blasted for comments she made regarding the 16 year old victim in the Steubenville case and now Williams has been blasted by opponent Maria Sharpova for comments Williams made in a recent interview with Rolling Stone about the love life and choices of Sharpova. The ugly incident snowballed into an uncomfortable back and forth between the two, prompting Williams to apologize, surprise surprise!

Now either, Serena is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode at anytime or Wimbeldon has created the smartest marketing scheme to reel in a younger audience. Tennis has always been a fantastic sport but its no surprise that the attention of younger demographics have been swiped by the gleam of the NBA, NFL and MLB, thanks to social networking. With the 2013 NBA Draft approaching in just days, Serena and Maria Sharpova have given both sports and pop culture fans an added reason to tune in to the famed competition. I’m not sure about you but I WILL be watching Wimbledon, maybe Serena will kick it up another notch and smashed another racket. Guess we’ll have to tune in and see!

MMA Bill Shot Down by New York City

Dana White and his UFC have been waiting for 3 years for the chance to have a major UFC blockbuster event in New York City. Once again, the state of New York has shot down the MMA bill that would make the sport legal in the state. This comes on the heels of the UFC’s 20th year anniversary. The bill, which has been presented 3 different times but never had enough votes to move on to the assembly, so the fact that it made it this time is an improvement. What does UFC owner Dana White say about all of this?

“We got more votes (in the New York state Senate) than we got last year, and it’s just to the point now where it’s absolutely ridiculous, and I’m over it.”

The UFC’s 20th Anniversary card will be held in Las Vegas November 16, 2013 and will feature George St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks, venue TBA.

Shanda’s Shout Out 

Yes folks! This is the time when I give special acknowledgement to someone in the sports industry for doing something pretty darn cool! This edition of Shanda’s Shout Out goes to the NFL’s McCourty Twins, Jason and Devin McCourty. If you’re not familiar with the two, Devin is the New England Patriots’ DB and Jason is a CB for the Tennessee Titans. Together they’re they are undoubtedly two of the NFL’s most talented players and off the field they are two amazing individuals. I had the pleasure of spending Saturday with the two at their annual McCourty Twins Football Skills Camp in Nyack, New York, where the twins hail from. The McCourtys go back every year and hold the free camp, which was sponsored by Xenith Helmets and was attended by over 100 inner-city children ages 7-14.

During the camp the future football stars went through skills and drills training with the two NFL vets and some of their former Rutgers teammates. After that, a short break for lunch, then my favorite part – a heart to heart with the twins. We all know the struggles the NFL has faced in the last few years regarding injuries and if you have a child in sports, then you know how important it is for a child to hear from a role model about the significance of helmets and equipment. First, the kids were jokingly challenged to figure out who was talking, J-Mac or D-Mac, which was pretty funny. I don’t think anyone got it right but I’m pretty sure it was J-Mac. Ha! But then it was time to get down to business.

The guys touched on dreams and just how important it is to follow them. Devin talked about his high school experience and hearing the statistics of people actually making it into the league and going pro and how that didn’t stop him. What does he say to all of the kids out there? “I hope that one day if somebody hits my car and I need a lawyer, I’m hoping I walk into somebody’s office or see them on the field and they tell me, I came to your camp and that was 15 years ago and that’s why each year, Jason and myself will be back here doing this camp – with that hope that we’ll see some of y’all doing great things.” These guys are what we need as role models for our kids and that’s why they get my Shanda’s Shout Out! Wonder if J-Mac could be persuaded to add to our Pats defense.


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